Aaseya Inspection Solution (AIS): Simplifying Inspections, Amplifying Efficiency

Inspections, an ancient art!

The art of conducting inspections has been around for centuries.  Inspections were conducted to assess crop conditions, monitor irrigation systems, and ensure proper land use. Authorities would inspect the quality of seeds, soil, and farming practices to optimize agricultural output.

Armies in ancient civilizations conducted regular inspections to ensure that soldiers were well-trained, properly equipped, and in good physical condition. Weapons, armor, and other military equipment were inspected to maintain a state of readiness.

The need for inspections continues to play a critical role in society and business today as the complexity of a global and regulatory pressures increasing every day.

Key business drivers for Inspections Digital Automation

Regulatory Compliance, Quality Assurance, Risk Mitigation, Operational Efficiency, Asset Management, Data-Driven Decision Making and Environmental and Social Responsibility are 7 key business drives for organizations to launch an Inspections Digital Automation initiative.Demonstration of resilience and adaptability is critical to meet these demands for change across the Inspections Industry and it is very clear that the need for modern technologies and solutions are in demand to help organization overcome these challenges. Traditional one size fits all commercial off the shelf solutions (COTS) cannot meet these needs.  Speed and agility are what is needed now.

Aaseya Inspections Solution to the rescue
Aaseya has been at the forefront of using Low Code and AI technologies for addressing challenges faced by the Inspections Industry. We have had great experience in delivering such programs for our customers resulting in improved Inspection Accuracy Rate, Completion TimeInspector Coverage and Optimized Utilization and Decreased Time to resolution. Aaseya has delivered more than 3M cases processed and over 6K users.

AIS is a game-changer and includes features such as:

  • Visual Inspections: AIS elevates inspections with Visual Inspections, enabling users to capture and interpret information through images and videos for a more comprehensive understanding.
  • Mobile Inspections and Smart Checklists: Bid farewell to static checklists. AIS introduces Smart Checklists, adapting to specific inspection needs, ensuring a personalized and efficient process no matter where you are.
  • Actionable Inspection Insights: AIS goes beyond data collection, turning it into actionable insights. Real-time analytics empower organizations to make informed decisions based on inspection data.
  • Seamless Integration: Robust integration capabilities enables us to connect with almost any system.  AIS ensures seamless integration to orchestrate end to end process journeys, promoting collaboration and efficiency across platforms.
  • Guided Workflows: AIS simplifies the inspection journey with guided workflows, providing step-by-step navigation for consistency and error reduction.
  • Goodness of Low Code Platform: Powered by Low Code-No Code platform, AIS is accelerating the delivery of speed to value and driving innovation.
  • Integration with Generative AI:  Integrating Natural Language Process, Voice to Text and Deciphering unstructured data to support and guide inspectors through checklist and violations.

The Inspections Industry continues to change daily and the Aaseya’s Inspection Solution is ready to enable your organizations tackle these challenges without disrupting your core processes and solutions while improve processes and effectiveness of inspections.

Welcome to a smarter era of conducting inspections with Aaseya Inspections Solution!



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